Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Compression Test Results = Bad News Bears

So a friend and I did a compression test on my motor this weekend and I almost wish we hadn't. #3 was about 25-30psi lower than the other three. Dropped some oil in and the pressure went back up to normal thus concluding my piston rings are bad.

No boosted Venge this year :(

Since this is my only car I figure the best/easiest way for me to get her ready for boost is to buy a used motor and rebuild it over the next year or so. If I'm gonna be opening it up that much to replace the rings then I might as well build the sucker right. JE pistons, Eagle rods, sleeved block, 8.8:1 compression, etc.

I'm really bummed and slightly pissed about this whole situation but I know it'll be better this way in the long run.

I was so looking forward to the Lewistown test track, Beartooth Run, SCCA, & the drag strip this year and it really breaks my heart

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