Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Do List

Alright so the turbo is sitting in my kitchen just taunting me every day to be installed. But there's still a few more things to do before I feel comfortable putting it on:

1: Replace left tie rod end
2: Fix whatever is causing my steering wheel to shake once I hit 50 and other misc front end vibrations.
3: Find and fix my damn oil leak!!!!!
4: Replace the a/c compressor because I'm 99% sure that's where my belt noises are coming from and why not just replace the whole thing when I found one on ebay for $40? My a/c hasn't worked in years anyway and i've had people tell me it's the clutch in my current compressor. That's gettin your cake and eating it too! :)
5: Buy all new gaskets (ie, turbo, wastegate, bov, manifolds, exhaust)
6: Replace all blue couplers with red ones
7: Sand down and repaint IC tubing silver
8: Before the car can go down in the garage.... I must have a new bike motor so I can have transportation.

Once the turbo is on, I have to have exhuast pieces made. The cat-end of the downpipe I got is for a 3" exhaust with a 3 bolt flange. I need to get an exhaust shop to modify it to bolt up with my stock 2 bolt cat. During the install I will most likely be getting a full cat-back with a test pipe to make it a full turbo-back exhaust.

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