Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Windshield!

Downside of a fiberglass hood: If it's not latched 100% all the way there's a good chance it will flip up on you while you're going down the road and crack the hell out of your windshield. This was the case for me a couple years ago and I finally got and installed a new one last night! Man it's nice to be able to see the world so clearly again! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Spoiler Is Spoiled :(

Took my engine over to Dimension Edge last night to overhaul my bike motor so I can have it running while I do my turbo install and found out it's siezed. :( The crank rusted over the winter. We tried to frankenstien a 43cc bottem end to the jug but the piston and rod from mine were too big for the doner. In other words..... the Lambo needs a new motor! I'm holding off on buying this until I actually start work on the Venge.


Clear/Smoked Park Lamps

I wanted my parking light corners in my headlights to match the smoked turn signals I got so I found a used pair of clear corner inserts and blacked them out and put them in. Sorry the pic quality sucks, just used my camera phone.

Before & Afters:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Parts Parts Parts!

Here's everything I have coming for the car. I'm so excited to get started working on the car and getting it back to good shape!

*Turbo and 8 injector setup listed in previous post
*Used transmission
*New axle seals
*B&M short throw shifter w/ polyurethane bushings
*New ash tray and fuse box cover
*Engine start button
*White face gauges
*3D gauge cluster bezel
*Prosport boost gauge
*Prosport oil pressure gauge
*OE front bumper (I'm gonna go stock body for a while)
*Two new tires w/ 4 wheel balance & allignment
*Right rear hub assy to replace bad one
*2 white ASEC stickers

Plan Of Attack:

1: Windshield will be installed tuesday
2: Two new front tires, 4 wheel balance & allignment on wednesday or thursday
3: Install the little things like the gauges and engine start just whenever they show up on my doorstep
4: When I get the turbo kit I have to install the Walbro 255 pump and send mine out
5: Replace transmission one weekend after I get it in
6: Install 8 injector setup
7: Install turbo kit & FMIC
8: Cut inner lip of fenders off for the lambo doors and straighten
9: Istall my OE door hinges until I get to fixing the struts
10: Fix up my hood and repaint
11: Paint & install front bumper while doing the turbo kit

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I got offered a deal that I could NOT refuse for a used turbo kit and I took it. $1500 for everything listed below. My plan is to get the bike running (it needs an overhaul) next week so when I start the install I can still have transportation. I'm ordering a used tranny to throw in while I'm doing the turbo install. More info to come!

Here's a list of parts I will be recieving for the turbo kit, it's absolutely everything I need to do the install.

*Custom bunged 8 injector intake manifold for secondary injectors from DMS (Disturbing Motorsports)
*8 injector wireing harness from DMS to hook to EIC controller and tune the extra injectors via laptop
*2 high flow dms billet fuel rails w/ 6an end fittings
*Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
*034 EIC supplimentry injector controller w/ tune mapped in. Can tune via laptop w/ the 034 program included w/ directions to install.
*2 6an inlet/outlet fittings 1 closed off an fitting for aeromotive FPR
*Walbro 255lph fuel pump
*Earls 15-17 ft 6an ss fuel line from aeromotive fpr to walbro 255lph fuel pump
*#30 secondary fuel injectors
*Extra set of oem #24 fuel injectors used from current motor
*Pipe thread to an converter fitting for oil pressure sending unit to earls ss oil feed line
*Earls 4an oil feed line from turbo to oil pressure sending unit
*Earls 4an turbo inlet flange and hose connection fittings
*Earls 10an turbo outlet flange and hose connection fittings
*Earls 10an ss turbo outlet line from bottom of turbo to oil pan
*T3 42/48 AR turbocharger
*Log style cast turbo manifold w/ gasket
*XS Power black external wastegate w/ nuts/bolts/gaskets
*Custom external wastegate dump tube to fit this turbo setup w/ nuts/bolts/gasket
*2.5’ custom downpipe w/ t3 4 bolt turbo flange welded on
*28x9x2.75 bar and plate front mount intercooler
*Samco 4ply blue intercooler couplers (I will replace them with red ones)
*Custom black 2.25 turbo side & 2.5’ cold side intercooler piping
*All intercooler piping clamps to connect the pipes
*Turbo XS RFL blow off valve w/ all original equipment (washers/mounting hardware/etc) *"Missing Link" map sensor
*Golden Eagle vaccum manifold
*Shit ton of heatwrap
*All high temperature insulated vacuum hoses
*Boost guage
*Cluster guage pod
*Plx Wideband o2 sensor
*bosch o2 sensor and plx hub unit w/ all original hardware and directions.

The guy I bought it from is also going to help me through the install and I bought a B&M short throw shifter from him too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Painted Rims, Drums, & Calipers

The second day of spring turned out to be the most beautiful day of the year so far so I did some painting to enjoy the weather. I painted my rims gloss black, my calipers red, and since I hate the look of painted drums I just painted them black so the rust orange color didn't stick out behind the black wheels.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now I Remember Why I Hate Cars!

This stupid habbit/passion/addiction/hobbie/love, whatever you wanna call it, for cars has always boggled my mind. How can I love something so much when all it does is drive me mad?

Well here's the scoop: I used to be leaking transmisison fluid like crazy (see pic above) but now I have no tranny fluid left to leak so instead now I start leaking oil. Besides the two leaks I have strange noises coming from the clutch and throw-out bearing, wiring problems that keep my reverse lights on when not in reverse and turns the sound on my stereo off when I turn on my headlights. Headache after headache after headache and I still love my car for some strange reason.

I'm trying to save up money now to get the car fixed so I don't have to finance the repairs in any way but it's going to take a while. All I hope is that she keeps running until I can afford to fix her.

Black Out Taillights Install

This will be time #3 that I have used VHT NiteShades to black out the Avenger taillights. Once on my first Avenger, once on this avenger, and a third and final time just to get things right ;)

I'm goin w/ a red and black theme on my car this time around. Not only does it match my interrior better but it's also much more "low profile" then the flashy red and white. I like to fly below the radar these days. So to add some black to the outside of my car I tinted all 3 pieces of the Avenger taillamp setup.

First I had to remove all the spray paint from the reverse bar. I used laquer thinner and a shop towl to rub the paint off. The second picture is about 5 minutes into it. Took me about an hour to get rid of all of it.

Before & After:

Installed no brakes and brakes:

I love this shot and use it as my avatar on all the forums:

Clear/Smoke Turn Signals Install

Somewhere back in time I lost or broke one of my turn signals. For a while I rode around w/o either one of them, just used the mirror blinkers for my fronts. Well now that I'm turning over a new leaf w/ my car (not only in the set up but also in a legal aspect) I needed to get two turn signals. OEM would have cost me over $100 for both lamps. I found these guys (on guess where?.......EBAY!) for around $35 shipped.

They're a clear lense lightly tinted black. The seller also provided me with two amber bulbs so I could be legal.

When I went to install them I realized that not only did I lose/break my turn signals, I had removed the bulb sockets and demolished the socket wires. I called everyone in town trying to track these damn items down. No junk yard had one and the only way to get them through the dealer is to order the OEM signal lamps! Luckily I found the sockets in a scrap bin at work and wired them in. Now people know which way I want to turn huray!

4 to 1 Header Install

Once again Ebay is my performance center! This little numbers final prices was around $60 shipped. (I love ebay!) My exhaust manifold and downpipe were rusted and cracking and causing annoying exhaust leaks. Not only does the header help performance in my middle range, it was way cheaper than just another OEM manifold.
Header & downpipe next to stock exhaust manifold, so much more smooth flowing!
Installed! Looks great, sounds great, perfoms great!

Strut Tower Bar Install

Bought this baby off ebay for around $40 shipped. Great cheap and easy mod for better handling.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stingray Mod List

Here's a list of modifications I have done to my chopper:

*Custom Lamborghini Orange paint job
*Black painted wheels
*LED "chopper style" headlight
*LED bicycle headlights/taillights
*Chrome mirros
*Brake & Turn lamp combo
*Custom rear fender braces

Engine Setup
*Dimension Edge centrifical clutch set up
*Throttle grip
*1 1/2" polyurethane drive rollers
*ADA Racing billet intake & choke
*Custom duel tip chrome exhaust
*NGK performance spark plug

Avenger Mod List

Here's a list of what modifications I have currently done to my car. This is just copied from my Registry at ASEC. For more current info on mods visit my Registry at http://aseclub.net/forums/index.php?&autocom=registry&cmd=view_item&CID=292

*Front upper strut tower bar
*Painted calipers
*Painted drums

*NGK performance plugs
*Taylow plug wires
*Cold air intake
*Painted valve cover
*4 to 1 header
*Performance muffler

*Clear/smoked turn signals
*Flip flop trunk
*Lamo door
*Smoked taillights
*Z3 style LED mirrors

*Bomz racing seats
*Custom guage faces
*Custom painted interior
*Grand racing steering wheel
*Under dash neons and guage cluster blacklight

*Eagle Racing 17s with Yohohama Avid V4s
*Painted Wheels

2005 Schwinn Stingray Spoiler Intro

This is my Stingray w/ a Mitsubishi TLE52 motor.

Thank god for Dimension Edge, a local motorized bicycle company in town. Luckily you don't need a drivers license to ride one! The law states that a bicycle can have and aux power source no more than 2 HP as long as the pedals are still in working order and still be considered a bicycle. Therefore meaning no DL is required to ride one!

This is my 4th bike. My first one was a Walmart mountin bike. I then upgraded to the Schwinn OCC Stingray. When that bike broke down I got my first Spoiler witch got stolen a couple summers ago :( Now I have this one and I love it more than all the rest combined!

With a custom Lamorghini Orange paint job, chrome duel tip exhaust, brake & turn lights, and a 52cc (1.5HP) motor it's a one of a kind show wining machine!

Visit http://www.bikemotor.com/ for more information on Dimension Edge and their 200+MPG bicycle motor kits! Tell them Todd sent ya!

***More infor and pics coming soon!***

1999 Dodge Avenger Intro

This is my 1999 Dodge Avenger 420a DOHC 2.0L 5 speed.

It's not much right now because I lost my license a few years ago and fell out of the tuning lifestyle. It used to be perfect: no engine problems, full body kit hood and wing, no dents/scratches, nothin! Now I've got an oil leak, a transmission leak, clutch noises, half a front bumper, crack-sanded-and broken hood, cracked windshield, dents/scratches all over the place, holes from the wing and body kit, each panel is a different color, a radio that barely works, no system, and so on and so forth.

I got my probationary license at the begining of this year and started work on the car right away. Bled my clutch fluid, changed the oil, replaced some engine seals, new spark plugs, fixed some wiring problems. It's so nice to be able to drive my baby to work again :)

***More info and pics coming soon!***