Monday, April 13, 2009

Oil Sending Unit & Turbo Line Install

I ordered a Prosport oil pressure sensor that I figued I'd install w/ the tranny out since it's easier to access the stock oil sensor on the back of the block. Below is a picture of the assembly I made for the stock sending unit, the gauge sending unit, and the turbo oil line feed. Thanks to Dougy Fresh for his Ace expertise and employee discount!

The top thread goes into the back of the block, the stock sending unit plugs directly behind that and the gauge sensor is teed off to the right. The final end to the right is for the turbo line feed wich is capped for now until I get the turbo.

Here's a pic of it installed via "transmission" view. You can see the flywheel on the bottom left hand corner. The turbo feed sits at a perfect spot right next to the lower intake manifold, easy to access when the time comes!

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