Monday, April 13, 2009

Transmission Swap

The tranny in my car had a bad leak a while back so I pulled it out one weekend, replaced an axle seal that was leaking and replaced the clutch & throw out bearing while I had it out. Once the car was all put back together and I took it for a test drive I found out that it was STILL leaking! And not only that but my TOB was chattering like hell too! Instead of paying a shop to rebuild it for $3000 I found a used tranny on ebay for $400 shipped.

Since it was in the 60s all weekend I decided to put the new tranny in the car. My girlfriend and I spend most of Saturday getting it ready to drop and all of Sunday pulling the old one out and putting the new one in. There was barely any fluid left in the tranny when I drained it, not even 1/4 of a quart (it's supposed to have 2.1).

Once the tranny was out I quickly realized what was wrong w/ the TOB: The one that I installed which came with my clutch kit (shown on the right side of the pic) was the wrong shape & size. The new OEM one I got is on the left, not only are they shapped differently but the a/m one has a bigger outside diameter and didn't fit in the fork quite right. Hence the clickity clack noise it was making before.

After a few failed attempts at jacking the new tranny in we finally got it! I got all the bolts put in and started plugging everything in where it needs to go and noticed that the speed sensor plug on the new tranny was different then the one in my old. I figured I could just pull them and swap them but when i pulled the old one out, I lost the gear on the end of it inside the axle gears. There's another $70!

I didn't get it all put back together Sunday night so I'll have to finish tonight after work. Hopefully this fixes all my drivetrain problems!

My grease monkey! Couldn't have done it without her!

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